‘Wholly people: A facilitated conversation in understanding human needs’ A seminar in support of theological inquiry

Friends and Members,

The Irish Theological Association (ITA) was established, in part, to support research and scholarship in the field of Theology. To this end, the annual conference last October was a wonderful success.

For the coming year, the committee are delighted to announce a new initiative. On Saturday 17th October, we invite you and the emerging scholars of your department to share research in an open and respectful environment. You, a colleague or a post-graduate student may have an idea in need of sharing, a hypothesis in need of defending or a chapter from a work in progress that needs sharpening. The format will be informal, creating a space that is constructive rather than critical. The theme for the day originally began from a debate on how human weakness is seen theologically but it is purposefully broad to encourage the participation of many as possible. We are fortunate to have Dr Andrew Pierce Andrew Pierce (Irish School of Ecumenics, TCD) to set the atmosphere of inquiry.

Why not consider taking this opportunity to converse on an idea, or bring this to the attention of a graduate or post-graduate student. In September, we will invite proposals for discussion topics, including a short synopsis of the theological point(s) that participants wish to discuss. For now, the details are as follows:

  • The venue: Trinity College, Dublin
  • Time: Saturday, 17th October
  • Title: ‘Wholly people: A facilitated conversation in understanding human needs’.
  • Format: World Café Method

If you are interested in more information, please get in touch with the secretary at irishtheologicalassosication@gmail.com


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