Irish Theological Association Annual Conference

Sacramental Theology

Sacramental Theology: Alpha & Omega

October 17th & 18th 2014

Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare


Speakers at this conference will include:

Dr Liam Bergin (Boston College), Dr Paul Nimmo (University of Aberdeen), and Dr Fáinche Ryan (Loyola Institute, TCD).  


Emerging Scholars Forum:

Emerging scholars are herewith invited to offer short papers on their own area of research. Papers on the conference theme are particularly welcome. The deadline for the call for papers is 13th June 2014. Abstracts of proposed papers should be 200 words.

Please send your abstract to The Secretary (before the 13th June deadline, if possible) at:



70 euro (non-member)

50 euro (member) 30 euro (membership)

45 euro (student non-member)

30 euro (student member) 20 euro (student membership)



Contact the Maynooth Conference Centre at:


Tel: (01) 708 6400


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